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Partner with Us
Partner with Us

Outfield Wall Sign

Outfield wall signs are approximately:
24' wide x 7.5' high


A sign on the outfield wall offers some of the most prominent real estate in the ballpark located in dominant branding positions.


These are excellent field-level logo placement for in-park exposure locally and nationally through broadcasts and highlight shows.

Mezzanine Sign

12' WIDE X 2.5' HIGH


A sign on the club level is in a great spot to get your message to fans in the lower seating bowl!


Located along our club level seating, these back-lit static signs receive prominent exposure to the in-park audience and are frequently captured on They are visible 100% of the time during the entire season for maximum brand awareness.


Make a bright impression with mezzanine back-lit signs! Back-lit signs ensure that your company's information and promotional messages are seen in any location and lighting environment. Back-lit signage demands to be seen!

Area Sponsor

Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium offers many attractions for fans and opportunities for companies to expand their brands!


A branded area allows you as a partner to take advantage of a unique space and display your message for the entire season.


From the concession areas to hospitality spaces to kiosks to fan interactive areas, your company will certainly be noticed at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium!

Section Sponsor

Located along our concourse seating, these signs receive prominent exposure to the in-park audience. They are visible 100% of the time during the entire season to fans in the seating bowl!


You as a partner have the opportunity to distribute marketing collateral to educate approximately 260 prospects and customers about your company in the cup holders in your section.


With 38 games, marketing collateral enables our partners to sell effectively, inform/educate consumers about their mission and reinforce their brand's core image.

Drink Rail

The greatest fans in the MiLB deserve the greatest way to watch the game and that's why the IronBirds and (Partner) will work together to create the ultimate fan experience at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium. Welcome to the (Partner) drink rails located on the concourse in right and left field.  This unique space offers a more social seating option for any afternoon or evening at the ballpark. The area contains six drinks rails that can accommodate 30 guests in total. (Partner) will have the opportunity to brand the drink rails to create a community hang out in a fun, causal atmosphere, built on the excitement and unity of IronBirds games!

Partner with Us

Digital Play Ball

The Aberdeen IronBirds are embarking on a new, fun and innovative way to reach our fans! We will be moving to a digital form of our Play Ball program. This will allow IronBirds fans to pull up the program, from their seats, from home or even on their way to the ballpark!


Exciting new elements will include:
  • Email blasts before each series to everyone who has purchased tickets to upcoming games
  • A link to our website to reach the program even if you don't have tickets
  • The ability for fans to interact with your advertisement through hyperlinks, a video or even multiple slides on your page
  • Archives will be available so that if fans missed a series, they can still find the program
  • And yes, they will be printable for fans who would still like something in hand


There will be four (4) levels to this investment for you as a partner of the club:

Images: $2,000

Image with hyperlink: $2,500

Image Gallery (multiple slides on one "page") with hyperlink: $3,000

Video with content with hyperlink: $3,500

Social Media

The Aberdeen IronBirds have a strong presence with a number of social media outlets that provide partners with great opportunities to market their brand. Social media is an outstanding avenue to reach IronBirds fans both at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium and at home. The IronBirds also offer advertising opportunities through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.


  • The IronBirds on Facebook have 25K followers and actively engages with the fanbase through this platform very often
  • @IronBirds on Twitter has over 16K followers ranging from fans, to players, to partners, and more
  • @AberdeenIronBirds on Instagram has 7k followers and 750 posts


Social media allows sponsors to build awareness or increase reach in Hartford, Baltimore and Cecil County. Whether it is by sending traffic to your website, increasing engagement, encouraging aplication installs or video views, there's a number of possibilities.


The IronBirds can help your brand also generate leads or encourage people to communicate with you and create online conversations, make catalog sales or drive foot traffic to off-line stores. This is a great way for partners to build brand awareness and become strongly associated with what IronBirds baseball represents through an already proven strong digital presence!

Pre & Post-Game Report

The pre & post-game report, also known as The Lehr Report, named after our broadcaster, Michael Lehr, was a staple at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium in the 2019 season.


The Lehr Report would encompass all things IronBirds and would take place in-park before each home game. After big wins, exciting milestones and important series, we would also do a post-game Lehr Report that we would post on all of our social media platforms.


Attaching your brand to the pre & post-game report gives you great exposure at Leidos Field and across all of our digital avenues.


New for this year:

Ability to incorporate The Lehr Report into the digital program with articles, videos and exclusive player content!

Partner with Us

Theme Nights

Having twelve (12) fireworks and theme nights scheduled for the 2020 season offers a unique way to form a connection between your brand and the IronBirds!


These nights are detail-oriented nights that are structured specifically to reach the intended target audience that the particular game will attract. It's an excellent way for your organization to have a presence at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium.


From on-site displays to hospitality-related opportunities, fireworks night is a creative marketing endeavor that allows the client to be in control of their advertising and gain feedback from their participation.


Fireworks and Theme
Nights include:
  • One (1) ceremonial first pitch
  • Opportunity for your brand to have a representative join the IronBirds broadcast team live, on-air, for a minimum of one (1) half inning
  • Thirty (30) premium tickets for the game
  • Multiple in-game public address announcements throughout the game
  • Constant video board messages throughout the game and fireworks
  • One (1) marketing table on the concourse
  • Your organization featured on all pre-event media including, but not limited to: radio, pocket schedules, IronBirds website, email blasts, upcoming event calendars, and in-stadium promotions
  • The opportunity to distribute collateral, samples or special offers to fans as they exit the ballpark

Between Inning Promotion

Here at IronBirds games, we strive to make attending a game a more holistic experience and fun for the entire family!


One way we capture this is with our

in-between inning promotions. Most are very interactive with our fans, whether it be a video board game or something on-field like the Zorb Balls!This is a great way for you to attach your brand to something that has everyone's attention while there is a break in the game.


Our marketing team can help you tailor a promotion to fit your brand and make it unique. You may also add in a prize for the participants to help drive them to your place of business or stay in their minds with branded material.


Between inning promotions are a staple of what we do here at Leidos Field and a great way for you to get more exposure in their park.


3 Levels:
Full Season, Half Season, Third Season

Marketing Table

Marketing Tables


Marketing tables are a fantastic way to interact with over 5,000 IronBirds fans per night!


Our tables are strategically placed along the concourse so that you are seen by a great number of fans as they get to their seats. Each marketing display has the ability to be customized by YOU, based on YOUR GOALS. Customer traffic can be created by prize incentives, a bright and colorful display or enter to win contests.


There is no better way to reach our fan base than to engage with them personally and distribute your message to each of them.

Inning Sponsor

30' WIDE X 50' HIGH


An inning sponsorship is a great way for your company to receive guaranteed interactions and impressions with IronBirds fans each and every game.


We pride ourselves on having one of the best video boards in all of MiLB, which is approximately 30x50 feet! Your brand's logo will be displayed on the video board throughout your inning. You'll also receive a PA announcement letting the fans know that this is YOUR inning!


NEW for this year:

Utilize the digital program to promote a special offer to fans during your inning. Ask us about the capabilities!

Video Board Announcements

Video Board Announcements

30' WIDE X 50' HIGH


Fans in the stands will be exposed to your name and logo on the

one-of-a-kind Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium video board, approximately 30x50 feet!


The high-definition video board provides interactive entertainment and game information for all fans. The video board, one of the best in Minor League Baseball, is a central figure in the picturesque backdrop of the park. This is one of the most prominent spots for in-game broadcast exposure.


Copilots is an amazing experience for young fans that they surely won't forget!


The National Anthem takes place after the team takes the field and fans will have the opportunity to run out to the field and stand next to an IronBirds player.


You will be featured as the presenting sponsor on the video board throughout the Copilots announcement. You will have the opportunity to distribute branded material to the Copilots, such as rally towels, branded baseballs, etc.


Our group sales representatives will also mention your program to their prospective clients to take part in the program each and every night.

Take Off Tunnel

Pre-game Take Off Tunnel happens as the team heads out of the dugout to their positions.


For approximately fifteen (15) minutes, fans will experience the professional baseball atmosphere up close and personal as they become part of the pre-game festivities. Fans will have the opportunity to high-five the team and form a tunnel for IronBirds players to run though as they take to the field.


You will be featured as the presenting sponsor on the video board throughout Take Off Tunnel. You will also have the ability to distribute branded material to the participants of the Take Off Tunnel to keep your brand in the minds of our fans.

Catch on the Field

Give fans a night they will never forget as they take the field at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium for a pre-game Catch On The Field!


Pre-game Catch On The Field takes place in left field after the visiting team concludes batting practice. For approximately thirty (30) minutes, fans will experience the professional baseball atmosphere up close and personal as they become part of the post-game festivities. The Ironbirds ask fans participating in pre-game catch to bring their own gloves for the catch.


You brand has the opportunity to be featured as the presenting sponsor on the video board throughout Catch On The Field and attach your name to one of the most memorable moments for fans at Leidos Field.


Your company has the opportunity to distribute marketing collateral to educate prospects and customers about your message and goals after fans exit the field, which is designed to deliver actionable value and ensure that your brand occupies top-of-mind real estate with your buyers.


Through marketing materials, PA announcements and video board slides, your brand will have maximum reach on six (6) prime Saturday dates.

Specialty Drops

Throughout a baseball game, there are many events that may happen that provide a great way for you to connect your business to the action on the field!


For every strikeout, run scored, double play, or stolen base, your company could be attached to it! For every event that happens, you could donate money to a local charity, you could pick a section to win a special offer or we can brainstorm together another great way to reach IronBirds fans and convey your company's message.


We will utilize our state-of-the-art video board and PA system to promote your brand to the 150,000 fans that come through the gates of Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium

Ticket Back/Will Call Envelope

The Aberdeen IronBirds are associated with a variety of print options that provide your organization with great opportunities to market your message.


A ticket back or will call envelope is an outstanding avenue to reach IronBirds fans both at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium and at home. This is a great way for your brand to build awareness and become strongly associated with what IronBirds baseball represents!


Ticket backs or will call envelopes offer one of the most effective forms of advertising during IronBirds games. It allows the delivery of repetitive exposure to more than 150,000 fans annually at IronBirds games. generating high impact and high recall.


This is a truly a great way to communicate your brand's message in a straight-forward and simplistic manner that is easy for fans to see.


The Aberdeen IronBirds are associated with local and regional broadcasts through WAMD 970, and the TuneIn App that provides your brand with great opportunities to market your brand.


Radio is an outstanding avenue to reach IronBirds fans both at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium and at home.


Through, IronBirds fans are able to watch games live streamed to their computer, tablet or mobile phone and watch any time on-demand. This is a great way for your organization to build awareness and become strongly associated with what IronBirds baseball represents in the ballpark and in the community.

Radio advertisement offers one of the most effective forms of advertising during IronBirds games. Radio is a very efficient and effective way for your brand to reach their desired audiences in a personal and unique way, generating high impact and high recall.


We are able to both customize your target and message to the needs of the local markets that you serve.


Radio is uncluttered and creates a clear relationship between you, MiLB and the Aberdeen IronBirds.


Launch-A-Ball has been a staple here at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium. Fans are able to purchase tennis balls to throw onto the field post-game with a chance to win a prize!


Launch-A-Ball takes place after every Saturday night home game. This creates a great branding opportunity for your company as you will be promoted in-park and given the opportunity to provide a GRAND PRIZE.


We will also promote Launch-A-Ball through social media, our email newsletter, as well as many in-park PA announcements.

Starting Lineups

Your company has the opportunity to be the presenting partner of IronBirds' Starting Lineups!


The Starting Lineup is a huge piece of the game day experience for fans looking for their favorite player or keeping score of the game on their own.


The package includes signage in the ballpark, a guaranteed video board graphic, social media posts for all 38 home games, as well as a page in our digital program!


This would create great branding throughout the game day experience for your company, not only in-park, but digitally as well.


Presenting the New York-Penn League Standings to our fans has a great branding value associated with it.


We will have in-park signage that will be updated every day with the latest standings. You will have the ability to attach your logo to this signage in the ballpark. The standings will also be featured on other elements in and around the park.


We can use our state-of-the-art video board to create a graphic, we will provide updated standings on social media and even in our new digital program!


Whenever IronBirds fans are checking on how the team is doing, they will see your logo attached to it.

Sunday Funday ft. Meet the Brewer

In 2020, the IronBirds are bringing a new event to the ballpark! Sunday Funday featuring Meet the Brewer will be held on all 6 Sunday games that we have this year. We will offer a special ticket package where fans receive one seat, a beer, and an offer from one of our partners. We will feature a different local brewery each Sunday to enhance our local businesses! Both the title partner of this event and the breweries will receive exposure via social media, in game announcements, video board graphics, our website and an ad in our digital program. 

Play of the Series

After each home series, we will highlight one play on our social media pages as well as on our video board pregame during the next home series. This will be a great way for your brand to receive exposure and impressions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in park. This will be a great reminder that Hershey's is a proud partner of the IronBirds after all 12 series this year.

K-Man of the Game

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Game (18) the IronBirds will select one batter from the opposing team to be the (Partner) K-Man of the Game.


When the K-Man of the game comes up to bat there will be a Public Address Announcement reminding fans that if he strikes out one select item will be discounted until the end of the current inning.

Exit Coupons

Looking for a way to drive IronBird fans to your location? What better way to do this, than handing out coupons as 5,000 fans leave the stadium on a Friday or Saturday night after our award winning fireworks show?


At the conclusion of the fireworks, we will encourage fans to get home safely over the PA along with telling them to grab a coupon for your business on the way out! This is a great, tangible and trackable way to drive traffic at your locations. 

Partner with Us

IronKids Club

The IronKids Club is a great wat to interact with the families who come to IronBirds games all season long! Your logo will be attached to all things where the IronKids Club is mentioned. Your logo will also appear on the t-shirt and lanyard given to the kids and you have the opportunity to set up a marketing table at each Sunday Home Game. Additionally, you can provide us with marketing collateral to be included in the package that the kids receive on their first game. 


$15 Membership fee includes:

  • T-shirt
  • One ticket to each Sunday Home Game (6)
  • One Membership Lanyard
  • Kids Run the Bases after every Sunday Home Game
  • 2- hour baseball clinic


And Five Special Experiences:

  • One Pregame Catch on the Field
  • One Pregame Co-Pilots
  • One Pregame autograph alley
  • One Q&A session with IronBirds' players
  • One KidsZone Wristband for unlimited play

Quick Hits

  • 3,048: average 2019 Sunday attendance
  • Kids Club Membership flyers remains at Ticket Services all year
  • Preseason marketing campaign on social media, website and email blasts


Host Families

Have you ever wondered where Minor Leaguers stay while they are in Aberdeen?


Every summer, the Orioles' 40+ players and staff descend upon the House that Cal built and need a nest to call home for 2.5 months.


The IronBirds have amazing families who help out each year, but we are always looking for more. You are given a great branding opportunity by attaching yourself to our promotional pieces on our website, social media and in-park.


Being the presenting partner of Host Families creates a great branding opportunity in connection with local Hartford, Cecil and Baltimore County families.

Non-Profit of the Night

Harford County is full of Non-Profit Organizations who need our help. With this idea, we will be able to partner together to present an NPO of the Night. This will occur on every Friday and Saturday game, totaling 12 non-profits. Pregame, we will interview a representative from the organization to inform the fans of their cause. They will also receive a table on the concourse alongside you, so that you both will receive the opportunity to speak with our fans. 

Kids' Concession Stand

The Kids' Concession Stand will be a fun activity for kids in the ballpark while allowing fans to support a good cause. Essentially, one lucky child will get to run the Kids' Concession Stand Friday-Sunday game. This will be a cart that has one special item each night, i.e. hot dogs, cracker jacks, popcorn, things that every fan loves. The child will choose their own custom price for the featured item that night. 

This will create the opportunity for your company to give back to the community! For every item sold at the stand, proceeds go back to an organization of your choosing and we will make the donation as a lump sum at the end of the season.

Here's where you come in and the benefits you receive: the cart will have your logo along with the beneficiary of the donation so that both of you receive exposure in the park. You can also staff the stand to help the child with things such as handling money, distributing the food and making change so your employees can get volunteer hours. And finally, at the end of the day, your support will help the charity of your choice!

Start Your Streak 2131 Run

This season, the IronBirds will be holding our First Annual 2131 Run. This year will be special as it is the 25th Anniversary of Cal Ripken Jr. breaking Lou Gehrig's record of 2,130 consecutive games played. We are encouraging runners to "Start Your Streak." Do something every day to better yourself, just as Cal did. To symbolize that, we will have our participants run, jog, or walk for 2,131 consecutive seconds on a course between Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium and the Ripken Experience Powered by Under Armour. Participants of the run will receive a medal, t-shirt as well as a ticket to an IronBirds game! Proceeds from this run will go to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. 


Investment Levels:
Ironman Partner: $6,500
iron horse Partner: $2,500
gold Level Partner: $1,000
Silver Level Partner: $500
bronze level Partner: $350
$45 per runner

Mascot Appearance

Trying to figure out a way to add to the excitement of your next event?  Well, why not have a visit from Ripcord or Ferrous?!  Ripcord and Ferrous look forward to attending birthday and holiday parities, fundraisers, community events,  and any other special occasions you might be hosting.